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MODERN 26″ Swing, 80″ Between Centers, BNC-2680XXL CNC Teach Type 6″ Hollow Spindle Lathe C/W: FAGOR 8055 Conversational Controls



FAGOR 8055i TC Conversational Video Overview:

Fagor 8055 TC Overview



Swing over bed                                                                                                 26
Swing over gap                                                                                                 35
Swing over cross slide                                                                                   16
Max. turning length                                                                                        80
Max. work piece weight (with tailstock)                                                2,200 LBS
Travels                                                                                                                 X=300mm, Z=2150mm
Spindle range                                                                                                    80-1480 RPM, 2 Automatic Steps
Spindle hole diameter                                                                                  6.02 – 153mm
Spindle nose                                                                                                     D1-11
Spindle motor type                                                                                        Fagor Servo
Spindle motor power                                                                                     20 HP
Rapid traverse                                                                                                  X=15M/min, Z=15M/min
Over bed guide width                                                                                    405mm
Cross slide guide width                                                                                 215mm
X axis power                                                                                                      9.3NM
X axis motor type                                                                                            Fagor FXM34.30A E1.000
Z  axis power                                                                                                      14.8NM
Z axis motor type                                                                                             Fagor FXM54.20A E1.000
X axis ballscrew                                                                                                32x5mm-C5
Z axis ballscrew                                                                                                50x10mm-C5
Quill stroke                                                                                                        6
Quill diameter                                                                                                  4
Quill inside taper                                                                                            MT5
Coolant pump motor                                                                                     460W
Coolant pump cap.                                                                                          70L/min
Coolant pump pressure                                                                                2.7KG/CM²
Tank capacity                                                                                                     140L
Lube Pump motor                                                                                           25W



Fagor 8055TC control with 11 LCD full keys
Fagor package servo motor including spindle and axis servo motors
2 Steps variable speed
Automatic spindle step change
Turcite B on carriage way
Coolant system 220V/3PH
Automatic lube system
Halogen work light
RS232 port
Tool box and kits
Leveling pads & bolts
Low voltage control circuit
Full enclosure front door
CSA Electrical components
Rear chuck preparation 153MM
Chip conveyor
8 Tool Automatic Hydraulic Turret
Regular disc with – 8 pcs 1OD holders
4 pcs 2ID holders
6 pcs bushing (each 2 pcs of ½, 5/8, ¾)
Including extra holders:
8 pcs bushing (each 2 pcs of 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4)
2 pcs facing tool holder
D1-11 Camlock Spindle
16 3 Jaw chuck
Steady rest/20-200MM
Steady rest 150-300MM
Protabel MPG
208v/60HZ/3PH electrics


The Fagor 8055TC offers as standard features the following automatic operations:

–          Facing Cycle
–          Turning Cycle
–          Taper cycles: Two cycle levels can be selected depending on the available coordinates data. Tool entry
and exit can be also indicated
–          Concave or convex rounding cycles: Two cycle levels can be selected depending on the available coordinates data

Threading Cycles: Four cycles are available:

–          Longitudinal threading
–          Taper Threading
–          Face threading
–          Thread repair

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