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Objections to leasing, and why you might want to rethink them.

Common reasons to lease.

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5 Advantages of Equipment Leasing

Increased Buying Power: Having to pull the total cost of equipment from your cash on hand is not always possible or the best solution. With the smaller periodic payments of a lease, you increase your purchasing power.

Sometimes that one piece of equipment can mean all the difference to your company’s future. Could you capture that new client? Fill that order faster with less labor costs? Get the equipment that you really need.

You may be able to add extra features or accessories to your equipment for a slight increase in your lease payments rather than waiting years to save up the cash and let opportunity pass you by.

  • Tax Advantages: A lease payment is usually treated as an expense rather than a depreciating asset. This way, you capture the depreciation back to your company more quickly, putting your money back into your company where it should be. Talk to your accountant about how this might work for your business.


  • Easier Budgeting & Cash Flow: Fixed monthly lease payments make planning easier. You can generate cash flow by making use of your equipment immediately. Your cost-to-income ratio is more likely balanced with a lease rather than a large up-front non-leased equipment purchase.


  • Preservation of Cash & Credit Lines: Leasing your equipment allows you to preserve your cash and lines of credit for their intended purpose (e.g. operating expenses like stocking inventory, raw materials costs, or unexpected expenses). Remember that a line of credit is really a demand loan and not a great idea for equipment purchases!

  • Increased Production & Profit: Old, worn-out, outdated equipment can greatly diminish your ability to produce the needs of your clientele efficiently and profitably. Constant downtime for repairs can cost you greatly and potential clients may be swayed by updated technology.  Additionally, should you be looking to sell your company in the future, updated equipment increases the value of your company. Equipment leasing enables you to upgrade and expand the service your business can offer, allowing for greater profit.

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