TECOI TEKNOS Multi-processing for large dimensions

TECOI TEKNOS Multi-processing for large dimensions

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Multi-processing for large dimensions

Able to perform a wide range of jobs that goes from high definition plasma & oxyfuel plate cutting and

bevelling (as well as pipe cutting) to several different machining operations such as drilling, tapping, and

plate marking, TEKNOS is TECOI multitasking machine.

Mostly developed for high quality cutting in large thicknesses and formats, TECOI TEKNOS features a robust

design based on the use of mixed guiding systems equipped with rollers and recirculating balls that allows

the machine to face heavy workloads.

In addition, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the entire machine, its motor measurement system is

absolute, so it never needs to return to its original position for referencing. TECOI TEKNOS adapts itself to

the specif needs of each costumer guaranteeing at the same time the highest productivity standards.

. Operating width up to 16.000 mm. (630”)

. Positioning speed of 40 m/min. (130 ft.)

. Exclusive DRILTEC system for high-capacity drilling, with

18 kW “S1” of power and up to 40 mm. (1.6”) of diameter with

direct drilling.

. 30% savings in cutting movements with IMZ technology.

· Guide systems with automatic lubrication to lengthen the

life of the guides. Covered cable chains against friction,

projections, impacts, dust, etc.

· Independent benches to isolate the cutting table from the

machine movement axes, avoiding the transfer of impacts,

vibrations and thermal input.

. Equipped with FANUC™ control and motorisation systems

which include a touchscreen, absolute encoders and fibre

optic communications.

. Includes SPC systems for complete piercing control and


ModelTEKNOS Multi-processing for large dimensions