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ECO 315
Sheet Dimensions 1530mm x 3050mm/5×10 ft
Resonator Power(kW) 1,2,3,4
Axis X 3050mm/10 ft
Y 1530mm/5 ft
Z Upper Table 75mm/2.9″
Bottom Table 250mm/9.8″
Working Table Height 820mm/32,2″
Maximum Loading Capacity 1500 kg/3306 lbs
Positioning System Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion
Acceleration 12 m/s2 – H15 m/s2
Axis Speed (X,Y Simultaneous Speed) 140 m/min – H160m/min
Positioning Accuracy(Pa)*
±0,1mm/0,0039” – H0,05mm/0,002″
Shuttle Table Change Time 16 sec
Controller 19″ Multi Touch Screen
Assist Gas Oxygen (O2) : 15 Bar
Nitrogen (N2) : 25 Bar
Optional Equipment -Loading System
-Air Cutting
-Cut Line Technology**
-Linear Motor on X axis
Machine Weight 12500 kg / 27558 Ibs

The right to make changes to dimensions, construction and equipment is reserved by NUKON.
* The accuracy that can be achieved depends on variable factors such as workpiece design, heat treatment, dimensions and position in the work area. Values given are based on VDI / DGQ 3441.
** Cut Line technology is available for 4kW.
H Linear motor option(Hybrid) values on X axis.

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