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DURMA PL-2560 CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Status: New


Durma Standard Features:

  • Siemens 840 D-ISL Control Unit
  • Solid & CNC Machined Steel Frames
  • Robust Bridge
  • CAD CAM Software with Auto Nesting
  • Cutting Plate Alignment Function with Laser Diode
  • Plasma Ignition Console
  • Command Torch High Control (THC)
  • Two Side Motion Control System (Low backlash reducers + rack/pinion)
  • AC Digital Servomotors on Axes
  • Marking System
  • CNC Control Outputs/Inputs for Filter Unit
  • Spare Parts, Consumables Starting Kit
  • High Mechanical Accuracy to + – 0.1mm
  • Axis Positioning Speed 35 m/min.
  • Torch Height Control Travel with Ballscrew on Dual Linear Guides
  • Independent Cutting Tables
  • Speed Control Device
  • Table incl PL-C Series
  • Remote Diagnostics via Ethernet
  • Rack & Pinion with Linear Guide (PL-C Series)
  • Thick Slats on Table
  • Tables Suitable for Right Suction
  • Web Cam for Service

Optional Equipment:

  • Table for PL Series (Included)
  • Hypertherm Plasma Source (Included)
  • Automatic Gas Control (Included)
  • Plasma Torch Brake Away System (Included)
  • 1- Oxy-Fuel Torch (Oxy-Fuel Torch, Oxy Torch High Control, Oxy Torch, High Sensor) (Max. 2 Oxy Torch) (Available)
  • Bridge Preparation for Additional Torch (Plasma or Oxy) (Included)
  • Truehole Technology (Included)
  • Air Dryer

Cutting Table:

The 8’ x 24’ Table C/W:
Dual Precision Rack/Pinion Guiding for both the Y1, Y2 Axis & the gantry (X Axis), which houses the cutting torch. The heavy duty machine frame is welded and stress relieved. A synchronized dual side backlash free drive system with high accuracy planetary gears provides for high quality and accurate cutting. The tables are partitioned and zoned for efficient removal of dust. Manual and programmable beveling and oxyfuel cutting heads are several optional features that are available.

CNC Control Unit:

The SINUMERIK 840Disl is a fully PC-integrated numerical control system for up to 20 Axes, interworking with the SINAMICS S120 drive system.
The control has open hardware and software functions and is ideally suited for users requiring distributed automation solutions with regard to PLC/I/Os and drives and/or prefer a fully PC-integrated control system.
Durma has their own plasma software on SINUMERIK controller. The operator can load the operation parameters to the power supply easily. Some simple shapes can be loaded from the included improvable library. The cutting operations is shown on the screen during cutting. Controller can be connected to the computer or a LAN via Ethernet connection point.
If customers want, they control the plasma filter unit by pressing any button on the control panel or automatically when the cutting starts.
Machine searches the plate, finds the Operation Zero position and calculates the Plate Angle automatically.

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