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Lease 1 Financial Ltd. is a Canadian company that specializes in equipment lease financing and a proud partner with Modern Tool Ltd. Brenda Goettler and her team at Lease 1 Financial would be very pleased to put their 20+ years of lease financing expertise to work for you. We are determined to work with you to find the best option for the needs of your business because, at Lease 1 Financial Ltd., our ultimate goal is to help your business grow!… 


Our Leases provide you with the following advantages:

Tax Advantages: Typically, leasing provides your business with income tax benefits by allowing you to treat the lease payments as an expense rather than depreciating the asset as a capital cost. A leased asset that depreciates in value can be written off more quickly when it is leased. Debt to Equity ratio is also unaffected as the asset does not appear on the balance sheet.

Easier Budgeting & Cash Flow: Leasing your equipment allows you to plan for your fixed monthly lease payments and enjoy the cash flow generated by using that equipment immediately. Your cost-income ratio is more likely balanced with a lease rather than a large up-front non-leased equipment purchase.

Preservation of Cash & Credit Lines: Leasing your equipment allows you to preserve your cash and lines of credit for their intended purpose: unexpected expenses or day-to-day business-growing needs.

Increased Buying Power: With the smaller periodic payments of a lease, you increase your operating or capital budget. When the total cost of your equipment is distributed over the lease term, your total equipment purchase does not have to be applied to your annual budget, leaving you more “wiggle room” and even allowing you to add extra features or accessories to your equipment for small increases in your lease payments.

Increased Production & Profit: Old, worn-out, outdated equipment can greatly diminish your ability to produce the needs of your clientele efficiently and profitably. With large maintenance and repair bills old equipment can actually cost you money. Equipment leasing enables you to upgrade and expand the service your business can offer, allowing for greater profit.

Flexible Term Options: We are able to provide skip or seasonal payment plans to assist you in balancing your work flow or getting that new piece of equipment up and running.

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Brenda Goettler – Leasing Specialist

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