Accessories & Parts

MODERN TOOL LTD. not only has the largest inventory of new and used machine tools but it also provides accessories and parts for most of these machines.

Contact for Parts: Ian Manly

We stock parts for all of the machines we currently sell and have sold in the past. We are usually also able to source parts for machines of other brands even if we didn’t sell the machine originally, so if you need to repair your machine, give us a call or email.

We also sell consumables, such as bandsaw blades, ironworker punches and dies, press brake tooling etc.

phone: 1-800-456-0964 or 403-236-1150


Fagor automation

Fagor automation

A good example, is the FAGOR Automation accessory line-up. You can upgrade an existing manual milling machine to a high quality cnc milling system.

Fagor Automation bases its strategy on a wide range of integral solutions meeting the current needs of the market for machine-tool automation and General Purpose Automation.

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We offer a broad range of machine accessories to aid your productivity: